Certificate in Digital Co-Marketing

14 modules


Course Length
20 hours

Michael Kelly

30 Aug 2018



Considered the global gold standard in training and certification for digital co-marketing with partners, this course will answer the most challenging questions that you will encounter. What are the best practices for digital co-marketing between vendors and resellers? What does the research say is most effective for SMB resellers? Going beyond standard digital techniques, this course provides channel professionals and technology resellers with best practices that deliver a competitive edge specifically in digital co-marketing. 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Official Certificate of Competence from The Channel Institute

Welcome video with instructions
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Module 1: Foundations & Terminology
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Module 2: Digital Tactics
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Module 3: Buyer Personas
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Module 4: Buyers Journey
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Module 5: Tracking & Analytics
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Module 6: Remarketing
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Module 7: Automated Nurturing
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Module 8: Social Media Marketing & Social Selling
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Module 9: Content Co-Marketing
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Module 10: Digital Co-Marketing Campaign Planning
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About the Examination
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Examination for the Certificate in Digital Co-Marketing
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Feedback on the Certificate in Digital Co-Marketing course.
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Added over 2 years ago, by James
Comprehensive program effectively enabling participants to focus on: - Prioritize campaign goals aligned to business strategy. - Content creation based on the buyer’s persona at the various stages of the buying cycle to maximize resource allocation. - Consistently conduct native ads with call to action. - Balancing on short and long-term outcomes. - Optimizing relevant data to measure metrics and take actions to generate profitability. - Effectively using funnel structure to rapidly close opportunities through AIDA (Awareness, Interest Desire, Evaluation) methodology. - Driving campaigns related to trends rather than blue bird opportunities. - Adapting a portfolio approach for re-marketing by setting up tagging codes initially to share relevant content on a need basis. - Involving relevant stake holders from Sales, marketing, operations, finance of the channel & vendor to ensure effective execution of the campaign and generate profitable outcomes. - Nurturing leads for quicker closure, germinating up selling opportunities. - Generating value to customers through the social media platform rather than using it only as a selling tool. - Adapting the PACKAGE framework to generate optimal outcomes to all stake holders across the value chain.
Added over 2 years ago, by Maggie
If you are in a digital marketing role for a vendor or partner this is a good overview of the key elements in your marketing plans to drive success.

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